• Image of $20 Mystery Bundle

You get TWO 12"LPs and THREE 7" EPs from the list below for $20 (plus shipping). You pick one LP and one EP and we'll choose the rest. Every order gets random goodies (records/buttons/etc). Include your vinyl selections from the list in the "NOTES" section. Select random orders may also include test-presses of various Escapist Records releases.

Withdrawal - Never
Wasted Blood - VOID
Foxfires - Pinetum
Reverse The Curse - Existent
Sworn Vengeance - ...And With This Hammer Of Vengeance
Harvey Pekar - Upward, Not Northward
Sweet Weapons - All Of My Best Friends Are Dogs
Territory - Sic Semper Tyrannis

Purgatory - Gospel Of War
Sleeping Weather / Placeholder - Split
My Mouth Is The Speaker - In Focus
Burn Your World - Vicious Intent
Foxfires - The Golden Age
Light Years - Just Between Us...
Love Hope And Fear - Fate's Frowned On Us