• Image of Sweet Weapons - All Of My Best Friends Are Dogs 12" LP

Albuquerque, NM's Sweet Weapons offer up their debut LP and first proper release with "All Of My Best Friends Are Dogs." The four-piece outfit's sound is rooted in emotional-influenced punk and 90's alternative rock, mixing equal parts Jimmy Eat World, Texas is the Reason, Foo Fighters, and At The Drive-In while drawing comparison's to modern acts Title Fight, Citizen, and Have Mercy. All vinyl of "All Of My Best Friends Are Dogs" comes packaged with a digital version of the LP.

Pressing Info:

Watermelon - 100
Coke-Bottle Clear - 150
Black - 250
Record Release - 49 (8 Watermelon, 12 Coke-Bottle Clear, 29 Black)
Test - 7